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What is Akwaaba Predator Park about?

Akwaaba Lodge and its staff does not support canned lion hunting in any way.

We are not affiliated to any hunting parties that do canned lion hunting. Almost all of the cubs we house in the park belong to other predator breeders who are also not involved in hunting, from time to time we do hand rear cubs that were neglected by their mothers either because the mum does not have milk to feed them or the litter is too big for the mum to handle.

Our animals are all treated with love and affection.

All visitors will see that our park is well maintained and the animals display no stress in their behaviour and are happy and relaxed.

We aim to inform and educate.       

The animals are known by name worldwide and treated like royalty. We have tremendous respect for each one.

Some History....

Akwaaba is owned by Mr Nazeer Cajee, a South African born Indian man who has always wanted to become a vet because of his intense love for wildlife, especially predators.

Due to apartheid, Mr Cajee was not allowed to study and then decided that one day he would own his own predator park and take care of predators and other wildlife.

This dream became a reality when he finally bought his first two lion cubs some years ago and started from there.

Since then, Nazeer has given a home to some amazing animals such as a jaguars, cheetahs, black leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, white lions, tigers, and many more.

Akwaaba takes in abused animals, cubs who have been neglected by their mothers, animals who have been injured and even unwanted animals, so they can have a better future and a loving home.